Oh’Gee Natural Care’s  Reviews and Testimonials

Oh’Gee Natural Care’s Reviews and Testimonials

Hello everyone ,

I am Gourdan ‘Jordan’, a.k.a. Gee the founder and CEO of Oh’Gee Natural Care hair products. I am creating this blog post as a space for honest reviews, testimonials, and also feedback. As stated throughout my website, all of my products are made with all natural ingredients. The purpose of me sharing my products with the community is because, I want to promote healthy hair. I am a black woman with locs, and I have a beautiful black daughter with locs. I know that locs are becoming more popular not only among men, but also among women and children. My goal is not only to provide great quality hair care products for those with locs but also those who have natural hair in general. Being someone who has been natural/had locs for almost 10 years, I know how hard it is to find products that actually leave your locs feeling and looking healthy. I purposely took my time with developing each of my products. Of course there was trial and error but that was expected. I came up with the idea to launch my own natural hair care line in 2020. My daughter and I have been solely using Oh’Gee Natural Care’s hair products since 2020. I even make a homemade shampoo/detox which will be released at a later date. My hair my transformation along with my daughters hair transformation is solely credited to Oh’Gee Natural Care’s hair care products. I started using my products in my daughters hair at the age of one (she’s currently 3), and I watched her go from a granddaddy patch at the top of her head to a head full of hair that’s going down her back within two years. Before using my products, I was struggling with dry, brittle, damaged locs, that was not growing. Within two years I have went from shoulder length hair to mid back length hair. Anyone using Oh’Gee Natural Care hair products is guaranteed to see growth and a healthy change in their hair quality. I 100% back what i‘ve created. My products are made by me for us with love. I would like anyone using my products to leave an honest review of your hair transformation. 

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